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✤[CUSTOM] ✨ ANSESTRAL SURVIVAL SETUP | [1.17.X] 2021-01-20

  • Fix CrazyEnchantments problems and update it
  • Update ViaVersion to be compatible with 1.17
  • Update ViaBackguards
  • Rebalance the economy
  • Fix quest bugs
  • Provide information for the PlayerVault problem
  • Remove silverfish dungeon
  • And much more!
  • Reduce the amount of cache.
  • Fix the bounty warp.
  • Integrated FAWE instead of WorldEdit to better performance.
  • Fix portal problems.
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  • Replace FarmRobot system.
  • Add sellall NPC
  • Fix negative balance in token manager (Just update deluxe menus guis)
  • Update to 1.16.5
  • Add sellwand.
  • Fix dungeon and custom crafting issue.
  • Fix Ryder issue.
  • Improve wiki load time.
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Reactions: alexander3
  • Add quests.
  • Fix cooldown errors.
  • Fix kit preview errors.
  • Fix mine bugs.
  • Fix money pouch.
  • Fix disco and VIP zone bugs.
  • Update all the plugins.
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  • Update of version
  • Reduction of errors
  • Optimization of startup
MM problem, Gkitz and ultimate repair are in process of being fixed by the creator of the plugin, please put pressure on them
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  • Fix mine problems.
  • Add elite workbench.
  • Improve celestial armor.
  • Fix dungeon regions.
  • Fix pvp regions.
Change the license
  • Re balance tokenshop & fixit.
  • Update Auction.
  • Update Skills.
  • Update Orbs.
  • Fix envoy hologram.
  • Fix god kit problem.